Boot Cisco router from USB in ROMMON

When helping a colleague at work who was struggling to get the correct IOS image onto a ISR4431 I came across this tip that I never knew, in later versions of ROMMON you can boot from USB.

All you need to do is:

1) Ensure router is powered off
2) Insert USB stick with IOS image on
3) Boot router into ROMMON
4) Type the command: boot usbflash0:

Obviously the “usbflash0” may change dependant on platform and which slot you plugged the stick into.

This is really helpful if the IOS is corrupted or missing.

Issues upgrading WordPress to version 2.8.1

Finally got round to doing the upgrade to WordPress 2.8.1 before I start some (hopefully) serious blogging on my latest project.

Unfortunately I came across a slight problem with WPAU (WordPress Automatic Upgrade). Continue reading “Issues upgrading WordPress to version 2.8.1”