WordPress upgrade to version 2.7.1

Having not posted to my blog for a while, I had not realised quite how out of date it had become (both content and software!!), so I decided to try and rectify this.

Unfortunately, being based away from home for this week I didn’t have ready access to my webspace to perform the upgrade. Thankfully I found the perfect Plugin, WordPress Automatic Upgrade (WPAU).

Maybe I’m a bit cynical, but I doubted that this would be able to do what it claimed on the tin, but after a bit of Google-ing I decided to give it a go. How wrong can you be?!? This worked amazingly!! Not sure I’ve had an easy upgrade on any other bit of software (and this included commercial products). There was one tiny issue, with my Plugins not being re-started, but further investigation showed that there were newer version of these that I should have been using, so this may have actually saved me a load of hassle.

All in all, very impressed and look forward to my next upgrade!!

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